Service Delivery Excellence

he process of constantly communicating to every customer, that the customer is most valued, and that their satisfaction is paramount to your organization

What is Service Excellence?

The process of constantly communicating to every customer, that the Customer is most valued, and that their satisfaction is paramount to your organization.

The following are the key elements

  • Rising customer experience
  • Customer service is an important aspect of doing business
  • Customers’ are the reasons for businesses existence
  • Quality service as a competitive advantage
  • The need to constantly create value for the customer and improve customer satisfaction

Time & Material Model

What is time and material model?

This model is basically similar to fixed price model in terms of Wenso’s commitment and responsibility of the project delivery but the pricing is based on the Time taken and the number of resources used to deliver the project. We have 3 different pricing structure for this model i.e. Onshore – Onsite, Onshore- Offsite and Offshore – Offsite model (Please refer to the Rates section in below pages). The customers can select any model based on their budget and the requirements.

Wenso Approach

The Service Delivery Excellence of Wenso aims at structuring on the Service Delivery Process, effectively utilizing the frameworks and tools available and allowing the teams to provide feedback with a view to improving the Process Excellence. As a framework, this will guide the teams to easily adopt the right approach and methodology for every service we offer in our spectrum of services. Project specific engagements can be tailored by selecting the right methodology to meet specific requirements.

Delivering right fit and next generation solutions at affordable cost every time is the key competitive advantage for pennant while providing the excellent value proposition to our customers. We at Pennant truly understand the significance of the right processes and the flexible frameworks to maintain our competitive advantage that differentiate us from our peers.

Wenso Benefits

  • Highly evolved, time tested and efficient processes and standards with a built in governance framework guarantees continuous improvement.
  • Competency Excellence Centres with best in class knowledge management systems evolved over years of experience that guides/assists our technology experts in adding business value while delivering the technological solutions.
  • Flexible and right-fit engagement models matching the customer unique needs utilizing highly evolved global delivery model coupled with time tested program management practices.

Business Value

  • Increased organizational efficiency and optimized resources time.
  • Higher focus on business strategy and goals as IT is aligned with your strategic business initiatives.
  • Mitigate risk, improved profitability with consistent ROI.

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