Time Management

Our Time Management software is fully automated and comprehensively covers all aspects of Time Management of employees at enterprise level. You can easily automate and accelerate your employees’ attendance, record In, Out and Break times. This allows the admin to easily record and track the time and manage resources effectively.

The time management software is built using state of the art technologies ensuring reliability, efficiency, scalability and robustness to meet the growing demands of the small, medium and large enterprises.

Technology Expertise

Our time management software is so comprehensive and illustrative that you can generate quick reports with high quality i.e. it provides reports with exacts vales of login, breaks and logout in terms of seconds.

Our application is highly secured web based application and is built on cloud environment and this is built with various technologies for high usability and reliability.

It is built using PHP at front end and MySQL at backend and various technologies like Javascript and CSS.

These products help you in providing

Client Challenges

Wenso Benefits

Efficiency of administration, reduced cost, errors and paper work, risk mitigation, data analysis for informed decisions and fast processing are some vital benefits of Time Management solution.

Business Value