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Intrexx provides an easy business portal for the company’s better performance. Easy to use the data can be just Dragged-and-dropped.

Intrexx allows you to quickly create a powerful business portal which will accelerate your company’s growth and performance. It can be customized for numerous possibilities. It brings together all kinds of data type almost any given source and can design all kinds of apps to display and monitor the data. With Intrexx you can create a workplace that suits your needs. Intrexx can digitize the entire workplace. It is flexible and is durable which can withstand the rigorous use of the social platform.

Intrexx can team up across functions and bring all the employee’s address and experts on one platform. Without creating many complications it dumps all the useful information in the feed and one can search any kind of information that is required. It is proactive and very easy to apply which exhibits superior data integration capabilities. You can instantly create and design the intranet pages and develop applications to present, connect, manage and use the company data in multiple ways.

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