5 Strategies That Will Really Grow Your Instagram Audience

There is a stupendous growth in the growth statistics of Instagram followers in the social media world. It is both fun and user-friendly interactive platform for its users. In fact this the reason that so many big public personalities and big brands get themselves associated here to promote their products and opinions.

So the question arises is that how do the brands expand their presence in Instagram and earn a good list of followers?

The simple answer is that they target a particular set of audience analyzing their interests and buying behavior and drive all the efforts and actions to draw their attention who comes under that category of buyers.


Though it sounds very simple it requires an in-depth search and analysis to form a list of those the audience who may show interest in knowing more about your products or services. This process is very time consuming and at times leads to a lot of confusion also.

Many users even use the Instagram growth tools such as Combin which helps doing a smart search. It automates the process of Following and Unfollowing Liking and Commenting actions. They even help in scheduling the list of audience based on their Instagram daily actions.

So, in fact, you can actually grow your Instagram audience by following these 5 strategies:

Search The Audience By Hashtags
You can populate a useful list of Instagram user who is relevant to your requirement. This can be done by launching Posts search and type in Hashtags. This will specify all the preferable search results with the number and the posting date after which you can click and find.

Identify Your Target Audience By Locations And Events
Do the sorting of all the searched results by filtering the date or count of likes and comments; this helps you to interact with the most recent and hottest post. You can even segregate the comments that are already liked or commented on and also the post that has been posted by the followers or users from the list of your Instagram users or followers. You can then pick out the post which you want to like or comment on by clicking on them. Your chances of finding the new potential followers get doubled if you know of any place or event which was attended by those set of people who shares the same interest in your product or content.

Create New Posts Search By Location Name
Mention the publishing date to filter and sort the results as per your requirement. You can do some action items like Liking the comment or posting your comment on that and even following the actions to attract attention towards your Instagram account.

Look For Your Target Audience Through Other’s Account
By clicking on Add new Search and picking user search you can specify your search by putting different filters such as either by the list of followers of a particular Instagram account or by the users who comment on the particular posts.

Bring Attention To Your Profile By Interaction
Merely by searching the right list of people won’t serve the purpose; you actually need to communicate with those people as well.

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