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Wenso possesses an amazing team of talented windows application developers, architects and consultants dedicated.

The windows Phone was Microsoft’s early smartphone, and the Windows Phone series covers a lot more than just the smart phone category. It boasts some of the most interesting features, and thus the Windows Phone is popularly used world over. Windows Phone has been able to establish itself as a mobile platform with huge potential within a short period of time. The user-interface in Windows Phone devices has captured the hearts of millions around the world. With Windows Phone 8, the porting of apps between Windows Phone and Windows 8 has become relatively easy as Microsoft has used common runtime for both platforms.

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Wenso possesses an amazing team of talented Windows Application developers, architects and consultants dedicated for building world class windows applications serving small, medium to enterprise level companies. We innovate in creating fluid design and extremely user friendly interface to offer amazing user experience to our client’s end users.

Our team of Windows experts ensure strict adherence to development plan and specific client requirement, the applications undergo rigorous testing through several layers of quality checks and deploy the windows applications within the stipulated timeline and budget.

Whether you want to build a windows based app from the scratch, application migration or upgrade an existing application, we ensure you get the best of the breed services at Wenso.

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Windows Applications

Wenso's deep experience, exposure and expertise in building native windows based mobile apps for SME's and enterprise level companies has allowed our client's increase their revenue share by offering high quality services to their customers. With the increase in the number of windows based smart phones, businesses are increasingly aligned at building native mobile apps to meet end user requirements The following are a few services windows app offers:

Endorsement via messaging

Utilities Application Development

GPS and Navigation App

Local and Location Search Access

Mobile Social Networking

Windows native apps gained popularity for its widespread use

Windows app offers excellent SDK, tools and technologies for variety of apps

Windows app can be customized to meet the demands of multiple sectors

Our windows consultants have deep knowledge in building apps for multiple sectors

We implement design thinking approach in designing the UI of the apps

We use and implement advanced tools and technologies making the app robust and scalable


Tools / Technologies

Wenso offers windows based mobile apps development that is consistent, robust and scalable. And we use the following tools / technologies in building the windows mobile app.

Windows Application Development

Windows Product Catalogue Application Development

Windows Mobile Banking Application Development

Windows Business Application Development

EnterpriseWindows Application Development

Windows Social Networking, Social Media Application Development

Porting of iOS or Android Apps to Windows Phone

Windows Multimedia Applications

Windows Web Application Development

Windows Navigation and GPS Application Development

Windows Testing and Maintenance

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Wenso analyse core functional and operational challenges faced by companies to define architecture framework.

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Wenso has extensive and widespread experience in analysing customer requirements and developing comprehensive solutions.

On Time and on Budget

Wenso consistently delivers IT projects on time and on budget. We focus on adding value to our customers' business.

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