Hybrid Mobile Application development is basically done using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The distinguishing feature is that the hybrid apps are hosted on a native application that uses a mobile platform web view and is accessible across all native mobile phones. Phone Gap is considered one of the popular containers for creating hybrid mobile apps.


Wenso Hybrid Mobile Application Development solutions are high performing, robust,secure and scalable with a rich user interface to meet the ever growing demands of the consumers.We have the ability and wherewithal to design and build hybrid apps such as

Titanium App Development

PhoneGap App Development

Sencha Touch Development

Hybrid Application Design


The best possible option for companies across the world desirous of reaching out to large number of users, customers using different handsets with different operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Black Berry OS is the Hybrid Mobile Application. The Hybrid Mobile apps are a boon to such companies who can easily reach out to wider audience. This is a major paradigm shift as organizations can easily benefit from Hybrid Apps. Hybrid are next best things in mobility development offering excellent features for web content, web application, remote local and for optimal usage with HTML5, Javascript web pages that also includes app functionality for content intensive app benefiting the publishing companies The app functionality is built around native devices programming languages such as objective C, Java and C#, the frameworks used are Phone Gap and Sencha, which allow native apps to contain Hybrid framework components. Hybrid apps offer high value in terms of faster performance, excellent features, data optimization access, integration with the device. Also, animation is optimized with native view.


We offer robust, scalable Hybrid Apps to our customers using the following tools and technologies

HTML5, CSS, Javascript



Mobile Angular AI

Appcelerator Titanium

Sencha Touch

Kendo UI

Intel XDK

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