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Enterprise mobility essentially means development and implementation of mobile solutions across the entire spectrum of an enterprise or an organization.

Enterprise Mobility essentially means development and implementation of mobile solutions across the entire spectrum of an enterprise or an organization. Imagine an enterprise level organization has many varied departments such as Administration, HR, Logistics, Production, Manufacturing, Procurement, delivery and Customer Service. All these various departments will be automated with a comprehensive suite of mobility solutions integrated on one single platform so the entire operations could be seamlessly streamlined for more efficiency and increased productivity.

This process involves deep understanding of the organization, existing systems, budget and timeline. In an increasingly demanding customer experience and delivery systems and mechanism, most large organizations are implementing enterprise level mobility solutions for increased growth and profitability.

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Wenso helps enterprise level organizations conceptualize, plan, analyse, build road map, design, develop and deploy robust, scalable enterprise level mobile applications that seamlessly integrate with your IT infrastructure and offer high quality services, solutions and products to your customers and end users.

Our enterprise level mobility services include:

  • Enterprise Mobility Strategy
  • SAP Fiori
  • Custom Mobile App Development
  • SAP Mobile Docs
  • SAP Mobile Analytics
  • SAP Afaria Rapid Deployment Solution

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The ultimate aim of any organization – beit small, medium, or large – isto offer high level of services to their customers, improve the efficiency of their resources, and reduce risks, time and overall costs. Since mobility is the future and every single activity that we could conceive of including sale, purchase, banking transactions to name few, are being carried out through the use of hand held devices such as smart phones and tabs, it has become imperative for companies to build mobile apps and make all transactions much easier, faster and quicker. This perhaps is a major paradigm shift in the way businesses all around the world are run.

Enterprise Mobility ExperienceWhy Enterprise MobilityEnterprise Mobility Value Enterprise Mobility allows large organizations to optimize the resources of all the departments within them, refine and invent business processes so that organizations can move from device centric approach to multi-channel environment.

Enterprise Mobility offers organization with more freedom and agility to effectively achieve business requirement and growth. It allows operationalization of the entire ecosystem of the company including asset lifecycle management, resource provisioning, security and compliance, and problem management.

Enterprise Mobility value is largely in terms of offering high end mobile enterprise management, mobile enterprise security. The key value it offers is a seamless approach to business to employees (internal engagement), business to consumers (fast, reliable and secure services to consumers) and business to business (engagement with business partners quickly and efficiently)


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Mobile Hospitality Management

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