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Wenso adopts a sustainable approach to the development of cross platform mobile application and has successfully delivered to our clients.

Cross Platform mobile application are apps that are compatible with and can run on any mobile platform. As market demands and user needs are growing, you need to make sure you are available everywhere at the right time. Cross-Platform applications help your business to be available in the right market at the right time.

Cross-Platform apps need to be carefully designed and developed because they are intended for use in multiple platforms. Every update in version of the platform also requires an update to be made in your app, as well. So maintenance is a huge task in itself. So when a feasibility study is done, first you need to evaluate whether this app is to be developed as a cross-platform app in the first place. Various platforms are available for developing Cross-Platform apps. However, PhoneGap is the most sought after framework for building hybrid apps as it is open-source.

PhoneGap framework can help build mobile apps that will work in various platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone. The cross platform applications are based on common languages for scripting, using CSS, HTML and Java Script.

Wenso adopts a sustainable approach to the development of cross platform mobile applications and has successfully delivered multi-platform experience to our clients. Our experts are adept at HTML 5 and other cross platform tools and technologies such as Phone Gap and Sencha and helped our clients’ reach out to their end users by offering cutting edge technologies experience, all the while reducing costs and improving user experience.

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Cross Platform Applications

Cross-platform applications are a popular choice for clients as they offer the chance to develop an app for both iOS and Android at a reduced cost.

For certain projects, with the correct use case this may be true. However, there are sometimes pitfalls along the way that can negate some of the upfront cost benefits.

RegressionUIMemory and performance.

The number one issue with cross-platform apps occurs when a bug that becomes apparent on one platform is fixed, only to cause another problem on a different platform or device.

The second major challenge in developing cross-platform apps is having control and flexibility over the user interface.

When web apps have performance issues or crash due to memory running out it can be difficult to accurately diagnose the problems. Android and iOS SDKs have tools in place that make diagnosing native app issues easier. With mobile web there is a lack of support in comparison and it can be more time consuming when trying to diagnose performance issues.


At Wenso, we help you to choose the best way to build the mobile app using best tools and technologies

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  • Cross Platform Social media application development
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  • Cross Platform Enterprise application development

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