Do I really need a DPO?

The GDPR recognises having a Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a key player in facilitating regulatory compliance. In some instances, it is mandatory to have a DPO:

  • For all public authorities and many private organisations.
  • Commercial organisations processing large quantities of EU Data Subjects’ personal information (particularly special categories)
  • When the core activities involve monitoring EU Data Subjects on a large scale Even where the GDPR does not specifically require.
  • The appointment of a DPO, it is highly encouraged as a matter of good practice and to demonstrate compliance.

Many organisations, particularly smaller ones, may find that the DPO responsibilities are a challenge to deliver due to the breadth of knowledge required on data processing and data security operations, and requisite familiarity with the legal aspects of the GDPR.

Wenso’s DPO-as-a-Service provides practical and cost-effective solutions for organisations of all sizes.

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How can Wenso’s DPO-as-a-service help your business in GDPR Compliance?

  • Web Design

    Provide you with essential guidance on your data protection obligations

  • Web Development

    Monitor compliance under data protection law

  • Responsive Web Design

    Act as an interface with the data protection authority

  • Responsive Web Design

    Provide remote and on-site services

  • Tis India

    Meet your GDPR obligations with Wenso’s DPO-as-a-service

  • Tis India

    Real-time incident, breach reporting and SAR management

  • Tis India

    Stakeholder awareness training and support for privacy and data protection

  • Responsive Web Design

    Expert and impartial advice

Wenso’s DPO-as-a-service provides you with an all-inclusive data protection and privacy service.

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DPO-as-a-service Deliverables

Helping you stay GDPR compliant.

SAR Management

Breach Management

Awarenes Training And

GDPR Assessment

Implementation Action Plan

Advice and guidance on
being GDPR complaint

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Our DPO-as-a-service Delivery Methodology

Address your DPO obligation with our services.

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Why Wenso ?

Capitalising on our technical and organisational capabilities.

One of the first companies to
work on GDPR compliance since the announcement of legislation.

Pioneers in developing our own framework for full implementation of GDPRcompliance.

Provides one-stop GDPR solution for companies of all sizes.

Our frameworks and tools helps
reduce total cost of ownership.

Availability of in-house IT development teams and GRC/GDPR experts.

Offer fully streamlined programme of DPO-as-a-Service,

Established GDPR training programme with BCS certification.

Capability of providing GDPR compliance programmes across the globe.

Ask us how we can accelerate your GDPR Initiative.

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