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  • Web Design

    Bespoke Big Data Solutions & Services

  • Web Development

    Manage complex and unstructured data sets

  • Responsive Web Design

    Data science consulting for effective data-driven business decisions

  • Responsive Web Design

    Hire us to develop an intelligent customer engagement solutions

  • Tis India

    Develop business platform for data integration with Hadoop

  • Tis India

    Apache stack for web application and DBMS compatibility.

  • Tis India

    Statistical methodologies, machine learning to build analytical models

  • Responsive Web Design

    Our consulting experts caters to the entire lifecycle of data ecosystem

Wenso is a One Stop, Turnkey solution provider.

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Our Solution Expertise

With Wenso's BigData Development, we help agencies, manufacturers, distributors and the media go global and simplify daily operations with high-load, functional, interactive and assist in business decisions.

Created with Snap Hadoop

  • Hadoop Consulting
  • Architecture Strategy & Design
  • Hadoop Integration & Development
  • Configuration & Optimization
  • Data Mining & Aggregation
  • BI and Analytics
  • Scoring, Pattern Search & Rule Discovery
  • Suiting to your budget, open source and low-cost Solution.
  • Data Storage, management, process and analysis 

Data Storage, management, process and analysis Data Storage, management, process and analysis 

Data sciences

  • Analyzing data assets of an organization
  • Information Flow Analysis.
  • Developing Data Science roadmaps
  • Creating algorithms to address data challenges
  • Visualization and analysis of Data.
  • Business acumen to make smart decisions with insights.
  • Bring forth the exact future predictions with Data Science
  • Deep dive data to examine and come up with conclusions.
  • Business metrics monitoring.

Data Storage, management, process and analysis Data Storage, management, process and analysis 

Created with Snap Apache

  • Apache Hadoop® stack ensures uptime.
  • Platform for turning applications.
  • Scalable, fault tolerant, high throughput.
  • Allows quickly write applications.
  • Supports SQL queries, streaming data, complex analytics.
  • Fast and general engine for large-scale data processing.
  • Stable, Efficient, Portable.
  • Commonly used for Web Server application 

Data Storage, management, process and analysis Data Storage, management, process and analysis 

Created with Snap MongoDB

  • MongoDB Consulting & Implementation
  • MongoDB Development & Integration
  • MongoDB for Big Data Analytics
  • Architecture Strategy & Design
  • Configuration & Optimization
  • Data Mining & Aggregation
  • Build and Support mission critical application

Data Storage, management, process and analysis Data Storage, management, process and analysismanagement, process and analysis Data Storage, management, process and analysis

We are technology experts and can make you ahead of your competitors

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How We Do It

Successfully delivered complex enterprise solutions with our approach

Why us?

Right Approach, Unrivalled expertise

We analyze core functional and operational challenges faced by companies, define architecture framework and create application modernization road map thus eliminating pitfalls for increased growth.

Team of Experts

Wenso has deep, extensive and widespread experience in conceptualizing, ideating, studying, analyzing, build road map, design, develop and deploy web application across myriad industry verticals.

Within Time and Budget

Wenso has been Delivering IT projects within time and on budget. We focus on adding business value for our clients.

Global Reputation

We have, over the years built small, medium to large web applications for SME’s to fortune 500 companies.

Successful start-ups and leading companies rely on Wenso

Wenso handles all major software systems for major companies around the world

5000 +

Years Experience

2500 +

IT Consultants Network

500 +

Clients Worldwide

100 %

Projects Completed

100 %

Client Retention

2 x

Performance Index

100 %

ROI Contribution

100 %

Customer Satisfaction

Technology Expertise

Skilled and expertise workforce providing any technology solutions.

Data Layer

  • HDFS
  • AWS S3

Data Processing

  • Hadoop MapReduce
  • Apache PIG
  • Apache Hive
  • Apache HBase
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Storm
  • Apache Solr
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Mahout

Data Ingestion

  • Apache Flume
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Sqoop
  • Kibana

Operations and Scheduling

  • Ambari
  • Apache Oozie
  • Apache ZooKeeper

We Work Along Side You to AchiveYour Goals

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Our Partners

Ample experience in working with major technology companies.

We take that extra step to exceed your expectations

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About Us

Wenso is a one stop IT Services, Solutions and Products Company with headquarters in Manchester, UK. Wenso also has a global presence with the network of 2500+ IT professionals in Europe, North America, Newzeland, and Asia including Middle East. Wenso focuses and delivers technology driven, yet cost effective web, software applications and products to help clients become more agile and responsive to the ever changing business landscapes in the region.

Our Offices

New Zealand
Plimmer Towers

The Crescent Building

99 South Almaden Blvd

Downtown Burj Gate

#101, Spline Arcade

1 Canary wharf, One Canada Square

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Company Registered as Wenso Limited - 06703581
Manchester: Suite 2,No. 5 Universal Square, Devonshire Street, Manchester, M12 6JH
London: 29th Floor, Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E145AB, UK