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  • Web Design

    XML/Java Script/ REST based API

  • Web Development

    SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) API

  • Responsive Web Design

    Web API development and integration

  • Responsive Web Design

    Google API like Maps, Language, Charts, Finance, reCaptcha, Geocoding, YouTube, AdSense and Search

  • Tis India

    Shipping API which include FEDEX and UPS

  • Tis India

    Payment gateway API

  • Tis India

    Web service API & Web Socket API

  • Responsive Web Design

    Social Media API - Development & Integration

Wenso is a One Stop, Turnkey solution provider.

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Our Solution Expertise

With Wenso's API Development Expertise, we help agencies, manufacturers, distributors and the media go global and simplify daily operations with high-load, functional, interactive and secure API Applications and solutions.

Created with Snap Mobile Applications API development

With increasing use of mobile phones across all
domains, more and more Mobile Apps are being
created every day. We can create API for your mobile apps to achieve the following objectives (not limited to):  
• Schedule appointments, finding map locations using the GPS
• Check data usage, account balances, pay bills

Created with Snap Cloud Computing API Development

Cloud API allow software to request data and
computations from services by using a direct or indirect interface. These could be cross-platform or vendor
specific. Using cloud-based API, administrators and
developers are able to integrate applications into the cloud. Cloud API find use in:

• Google Drive which is used to organize, back up, and share photos, videos, and other documents in the cloud

Created with Snap Web-based Services API Development

A web API works as an interface for both the web server and web browser. It is a framework for building HTTP services that can be used by a broad range of clients
including browsers, tablets and mobiles. Web API
provide device compatibility and allow Web apps to
• Information about device hardware (such as battery status)
• Data stored on devices (such as calendars or contacts list)

High Performance API Development

All API are not created equal. API can be a company's biggest asset. They can also be a company's biggest
liability. To avoid an un-ending stream of support calls, it's important to get API programming done just right. At O2I, we have vast experience in successful API
development and Interface Development. We provide well-structured code design with proper authentication that ensures high performance of your software

Created with Snap Class-based API (object orientation)

The class-based API of the gettext module gives you more flexibility and greater convenience than the GNU gettext API. It is the recommended way of localizing your Python applications and modules. gettext defines a ``translations'' class which implements the parsing of GNU .mo format files, and has methods for returning
either standard 8-bit strings or Unicode strings.
Translations instances can also install themselves in the built-in namespace as the function _().

Created with Snap Object remoting API

  • .NET Remoting
  • Remoting Applications
  • Pattern Form and Invoker
  • Basic Distributed Object Patterns: Overview
  • Remote Object
  • Client Proxy
  • Request Handler
  • Marshaller
  • Protocol Plug-in

Core Development Competencies

Wenso specializes in providing development services in all major technologies....

JAVA development

Wenso has carved a niche in the domain of delivering customer-centric range of scalable and business oriented Java development services using expert JAVA Developers for enterprises and elite organizations.

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PHP development

Wenso offers PHP based solutions that are tailored to meet the specifications of your business model in a performance-rendering manner. Our team of expert PHP developers utilizes industry best practices to deliver scalable and flexible solutions that effectively support your corporate information workflow.

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.Net development

Wenso prides on the profound knowledge and unparalleled technical expertise of its .NET developers. With help of crystal clear understanding of your business objectives, we propose one of the below cutting edge .NET solutions.

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We are technology experts and can make you ahead of your competitors

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How We Do It

Successfully delivered complex enterprise solutions with our approach

Why us?

Right Approach, Unrivalled

We analyze core functional and operational challenges faced
by companies, define architecture framework and create
application modernization road map thus eliminating pitfalls
for increased growth.

Team of Experts

Wenso has deep, extensive and widespread experience in
conceptualizing, ideating, studying, analyzing, build road map, design, develop and deploy web application across myriad
industry verticals.

Within Time and Budget

Wenso has been Delivering IT projects within time and on
budget. We focus on adding business value for our clients.

Global Reputation

We have, over the years built small, medium to large web
applications for SME’s to fortune 500 companies.

Successful start-ups and leading companies rely on Wenso

Wenso handles all major software systems for major companies around the world

5000 +

Years Experience

2500 +

IT Consultants Network

500 +

Clients Worldwide

100 %

Projects Completed

100 %

Client Retention

2 x

Performance Index

100 %

ROI Contribution

100 %

Customer Satisfaction

Technology Expertise

Skilled and expertise workforce providing any technology solutions.


  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • .Net
  • Python
  • Ruby


  • Google Calender
  • Google Map
  • Geocode
  • Google Search
  • AdSense
  • Tag Manager

3rd Party

  • Payment Gateway
  • Shipping
  • Social API
  • Analytics API
  • Events & Hotel booking API


  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • REST
  • SOAP

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About Us

Wenso is a one stop IT Services, Solutions and Products Company with
headquarters in Manchester, UK. Wenso also has a global presence with the network of 2500+ IT professionals in Europe, North America, Newzeland, and Asia including Middle East. Wenso focuses and delivers technology
driven, yet cost effective web, software applications and products to help clients become more agile and responsive to the ever changing business landscapes in the region.

Our Offices

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London: 29th Floor, Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E145AB, UK