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Wenso Infrastructure Services is designed to address enterprise server platform needs ranging from operational assistance to design, deployment.

IT Infrastructure Services has become the backbone of all kinds of Business across the sector. It integrates and simplifies the complex business functions and facilitates in achieving all requisite goals. It used to be that IT systems could be as much as limitation as an advantage. They tied up large amounts of capital. They were costly to maintain. Resistant to change. And slow to evolve.

Not anymore. Today, you can create a more flexible and cost-effective IT infrastructure that adapts quickly to the changing demands of your business.

Our Technology Expertise Umbrella Includes

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Wenso’s Infrastructure Services is designed to address enterprise server platform needs ranging from operational assistance to design, deployment, optimization and migration.

To run the industry efficiently we need an IT infrastructure services that meet the growing industry demands. To match up with these changing technologies especially in an industry like Information & Technology, IT infrastructure plays a major role.

With this conviction, Wenso offers services that give a complete solution to all the business needs. Its infrastructure services constantly endeavor to simplify your businesses so that it always remains in a dynamic state. Starting from the basics of designing the business proposition, offering service and time bound functions; it simplifies and enables all the various business processes.

Wenso services play a critical role in helping people across the industry to improve and maximize the way of doing business. To combat intense pressure to instantly deliver the business demands a combination of two things; Agility & Adaptability are required.

Promptness to perform and Adaptability to quickly understand customer’s need and change according to its demand. Wenso through its Infrastructure management services helps to form, plan, implement, and achieve the business goals. As a result, it gives way to an enhanced incorporation functions in the given processes and operations at optimum costs.

By Large it offers a wide spectrum of services that includes solutions such as SAS, creating Databases, Business Intelligence, E-commerce, Business Transformation, Supply, and maintenance. Wenso by its deliverables carves a path for potential business scenarios and gives a simplified way to connect to the cloud business. It understands the organization’s need for an integrated value management and Services.

Today’s business enterprises work in the digital world and aim to have a robust IT infrastructure with the optimum speed to adapt changes to offer the market and technology upgrades, at reasonable costs. The capability to transform quickly while aligning to larger business goals is its supreme objective.

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Things to Know

About InfraStructure
IT infrastructure has, over the years, undergone a massive change. This is based on the fact that technologies are changing very rapidly. New and emerging technologies are posing very serious challenges to companies to upgrade their legacy systems for improved efficiency and better customer service. This is perhaps the single most dominant paradigm shift in the IT infrastructure space.

Our Offerings

We possess deep experience and expertise in building robust IT Infrastructure and the following are some of the areas but not limited to Expertise

  • Service Migration
  • Data Centre Services
  • Storage Resources Optimization
  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Infrastructure Transformation Services
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Management Services
  • Network & Security Services
  • Communication and Connectivity Services
  • Integrated Operational Management
  • Database Management Services
  • IT Process Automation
  • Application Product Support
  • Application Servers & Web Servers Management
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management

  • Protocol development
  • Randomization
  • Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP)
  • Interim analysis
  • DSMB participation
  • Sample size calculations

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Wenso analyse core functional and operational challenges faced by companies to define architecture framework.

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Wenso has extensive and widespread experience in analysing customer requirements and developing comprehensive solutions.

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Wenso consistently delivers IT projects on time and on budget. We focus on adding value to our customers' business.

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