Every new database that an organization deploys puts pressure on IT to ensure its security, availability, reliability, and quality. We live in a world today where there must be a primary focus on making sure that corporate data and databases are secure and not vulnerable to hackers, viruses and other security threats. Managing more databases with fewer people has always been a challenge, but with databases scaling to terabytes and petabytes, these challenges have grown more acute.
Wenso’s expertise and DBA service offerings deliver the combination of flexibility, reliability, security and performance your company demands.

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Wenso provides expert database management services for Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and MongoDB database environments with an unmatched level of service, support and affordability. By combining strong tools and process, we are able to create cost containment and superior access to our DBA experts in the delivery of our database management services.

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Everything that compiles data uses a database, whether directly or indirectly. Databases were computerized in the 1960s and 30 years later, the advent of the Internet led to exponential growth in the industry. But this decade in particular has been a golden age for producing and capturing an overwhelming amount of data. While this has increased opportunities for businesses to gain more visibility into their industry and customers and been a boon to the database management industry, it has also brought significant challenges for DBAs. Our services support a wide range of technologies including Oracle, SAP DBA, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, and Database Appliances.

Let’s examine a few of them more closely.

The volume of data being created and collected has been exploding for years. The professionals who deal with analytics may be relishing the promise of insights and business intelligence from big data, but DBAs face the challenges of managing the overall growth and the growing variety of data types and increasing number of different database platforms. DBAs have to manage both structured and unstructured data.As cloud deployments become more pervasive with each passing year, handling databases running on-premises and in the cloud – including both public and private clouds like OpenStack – is yet one more challenge for DBAs

In the digital era, security is an ongoing concern. Businesses count on their infrastructure and IT staff to ensure that every bit of data remains safe and at minimal risk of exposure from hackers, incidental leaks, or otherwise. High-profile breaches of sensitive information have led to destroyed reputations and the loss of jobs.

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