Cyber Security Assessment Services

Wenso specializes in providing cyber security consulting services in all major technologies.

Network Penetration Testing

  • Secure corporate networks from digital attacks.
  • Protect data integrity and availability.
  • Prevent monetary loss from attacks such as ransomware and phishing.
  • Achieve compliance and certification.

Website Penetration Testing

  • Secure websites from hackers.
  • Protect and secure information in accordance with the ISO 27001 specification.
  • Maintain industry reputation through adoption of best security practises.
  • Induce confidence in customer.

Cloud Security

  • Support regulatory compliance.
  • Secure cloud applications from digital attacks.
  • Configure cloud security to meet exact business needs.
  • Implement policies and controls to protect cloud-based data.

Mobile App Security Testing

  • Protect application data from hackers.
  • Protect application data if the device is stolen.
  • Prevent monetary loss.
  • Increase trust and credibility in customer base.
  • Maintain industry reputation through adoption of best security practices.

Network Security Assessment

  • Improve network performance.
  • Future proof IT network scalability.
  • Protect data integrity and availability.
  • Protect networks from common attacks like Denial of Service.

GDPR Security

  • Secure customer information and data.
  • Improve resilience against cyber-attacks.
  • Rapidly detect and respond to malicious threats.
  • In accordance with Article 33, report personal data breaches within 72 hours.


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