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Technology transformation is changing the face of the retail industry. People are well informed and are more connected with any changes.

Today the retail industry requires a digital approach at every stage of the supply chain in order to evolve into a multi-channel retail enterprise. Furthermore, the extended supply chain should be quick in response to align the demand with inventory.

Wenso’s Retail IT Solutions help all kinds of retailers, e-Commerce companies, and retail stores with the multi product line to engage with shoppers while purchasing. It fosters brand loyalty and rationalizes operations. At Wenso we understand the consumer’s requirement which is a precondition to deliver a custom-made shopping experience. Our domain experts systematize workflows to align demand planning with stock renewal.

We work on making cohesive social data with the help of market intelligence that is specific to the store’s requirement. We use store-specific analytics to provide useful and contextual insights.

Through the IT system and solutions the companies can create their pricing strategy, identification of the products that are bringing the maximum sales, planograms etc. Wenso with its team of professionals work to provide a platform for digital interaction across the functions be it managing the supply chain, monitoring the logistics or the distribution of the products.

Wenso’s Retail Technology Solutions offer a complete retail management technology systems to bring the multi-channel features suitable for the bigger retailers starting, from point-of-sale and eCommerce, to supply chain planning and forecasting.

Wenso provides all kinds of information needed to know about the activities that happen in the store right at your fingertips. All reports are updated in actual time, making you empowered to make smart, data-driven decisions at the moment.

The retail IT solutions simplify to manage multiple stores place together and help you to instantly locate the area and as your business expands. Wenso can automatically gauge your business growth.

Through a cloud-based solution, you can operate online on your device with a web browser. You can add or sell any products from anywhere in the world in no time and even track inventory in multiple stores all in one place.

These days any function or work you want to do is just a click away. There is an app for almost everything. In the world of digital marketing, Apps become very important. The app designed for retail development helps in displaying the products to its customers who plan to buy them in bulk. These apps do not need the Internet to function which again is very helpful for the sales people who can work offline to take any orders of their product. While working offline these app stores all the information on the orders placed and later gets upload automatically when an internet connection is available. These apps have given a boost to the wholesale marketing and also enhanced the efficiency of the sales people.

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