Wenso’s redaction services help business to sanitize records and protect personal information in compliance to prevailing Data privacy and protection Acts in vogue.

Redaction Basis

Redaction is a process to digitally edit confidential data from documents containing:

  • Personal Private Data (PPD)
  • Personally, Identifiable Data (PID)
  • Commercially Confidential Information (CCI)

Personal Information

Any information mentioning the initials, names, phone numbers, signatures, photograph, email addresses, designations, vendor name, company and site staff, reviewing committee members, etc. are redacted.

Sensitive Information

  • Drivers’ license numbers
  • Birth dates
  • Social security numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Names of minors
  • Law enforcement names
  • Defendant names
  • Maiden names

Redaction Process Checklist

This checklist process helps gather the information need to setup redaction processes.

A typical redaction process starts at either Acquisition, After Job Completion, Before Distribution, Before Archiving or Before Deletion.

Text, Image&Video Redaction

  • MS Word documents
  • PDF Documents
  • Outlook emails and attachments
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Image (TIFF, GIF and JPEG)
  • Web pages
  • Scanned documents
  • CCTV Footage and Videos
  • Any document that can be printed


  • Control access and visibility of documents and sections.
  • Automatically generated justification report.
  • Automatic capture of comments and suggested redactions.
  • Real-time collaborative environment.
  • Redactions categorized according to type.
  • a)Manual Redaction
  • b)Automated Redaction

Benefits of Wenso’s Redaction As A Service

Inhouse certified privacy experts.

Cost effective.

Robust compliance and business oversight.

Mitigation of supervisory, legal and commercial risk.

Improved privacy and efficiency

Rationalize document redaction process.

Achieve faster turnaround of documents.

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Wenso Redaction Framework

Successfully delivering Redaction solutions with our structured approach.

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