GDPR Readiness Assessment

GDPR Readiness Assessment is to analyze and demonstrate the current privacy and security structure.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and is intended to synchronize data privacy laws across Europe, to safeguard and allow all EU citizens data privacy and to reform the way organizations across the region move toward data privacy. There is a sizeable impact on organizations that function globally.

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The GDPR Assessment program assists in performing the Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment. To initiate this process it requires the cybersecurity best practices and a well-established cyber framework to address the queries related to the GDPR compliance. Though this kind of assessment is valuable for the medium and small size industries; any organization can take its benefit regardless of its size. The key objective of the GDPR Assessment is to analyze and demonstrate the current privacy and security structure of your organization. In addition to that, it reviews the organization’s GDPR plans and supports in strategic planning. With this kind of assessment the organization can take its own tactical and strategic decisions to further bolster their privacy and security program.

In order to counter with the new changes successfully, Wenso’s GDPR Readiness Assessment will play a vital role. We initiate with assessing current position of the organization and understand readiness to meet the new GDPR regulation.

Understanding the nature of GDPR compliance and the limited know-how about using and storing data it calls for professional’s service providers to jump in rescue of business owners. This will be done after in-depth GDPR readiness assessment in-order to categorize exact non-compliance.

A detailed plan enables your organization to get started on the work need to be compliant. Sooner started, this reduced the probability of disorder and undue overheads.


Wenso’s Process for GDPR Readiness Assessment Methodology

Step 1: Face to Face Consultation

  • Key Stakeholders meeting
  • Walk-through of engagement activities, and agree roles.
  • Verify on-site requirements have been provided.
  • Review existing Information Security Policy & Data Protection Policy (if available).

  • Step 2: Data flow Analysis

    Step 3: Access - People, Technology, Data and Process

    Step 4: Gap Analysis

  • Completion of detailed EU GDPR Questionnaire lead by EU GDPR Consultant
  • Record statement of gaps between current practice and requirements to meet EU GDPR Compliance.

  • Step 5: Reporting Phase

  • Creation of the EU GDPR Executive Summary Report
  • Definition of work to resolve gaps into logical projects including objective, resources involved, complexity and high-level costs.

  • Step 6: Debrief Phase

  • Walkthrough of gaps between current practice and requirements for EU GDPR compliance
  • Presentation of plan for endorsement by the company executive.

    EU GDPR Readiness Assessment Executive Report– a high-level summary of our research, including the overall statement of EU GDPR Compliance, Risks Assessment, remediation activity, delivery timelines and resources.

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