Bahrain Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL)

Bahrain's Data Protection Law

PDPL Assessment

  • Identify Gaps in the Organisation against Bahrain's PDPL requirements.
  • Assess Lawful basis for processing.
  • Assess Data Owner Rights.
  • Assess your relationship with suppliers.
  • Data Monitor Requirements.

PDPL Implementation

  • Personal Data Mapping.
  • Inventory of Processing Activities.
  • Establish Lawful Basis of Processing.
  • Legitimate Business Assessment.
  • Rights of Data Owners.
  • Transfer of Data Outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

PDPL Training

  • Awareness Training in Bahrain's Personal Data Protection Law.
  • Instructor Led bespoke Bahrain's PDPL Classroom Training.
  • Bespoke Corporate Training of Bahrain's PDPL.
  • Accredited Training Partners of BCS and IAPP.

Data Protection Supervisor as a Service

  • Facilitate regulatory compliance through a Data Protection Supervisor Service (DPS).
  • Helps in monitoring and verifying the data manager’s compliance with Bahrain’s PDPL.
  • Maintaining a register of processing.

Advisory and Staffing Services

  • Help organizations solve privacy problem that hinders the business growth.
  • We are able to provide consultants with sector specific knowledge and qualifications.
  • Deploy Certified Resource for your Privacy and Data protection needs.

Audit and Policy Services

  • Privacy Policy.
  • Cookie Policy.
  • Information Security Policy.
  • Media Policy.
  • Human Resource Policy.
  • IT Security Policies.
  • Retention Policies.

Wenso PDPL Assessment & Implementation

Comprehensive PDPL end-to-end solution

Assess your PDPL readiness

PDPL Audit - obligations, processes and gaps

PDPL Consulting and remediation services

PDPL Compliance - PDPL is more than compliance

A consistent PDPL roadmap with operational outcomes

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IT Consultants Globally
Clients Worldwide
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How We Do It

We have developed our own bespoke framework which is effective and proven to work in organizations of all sizes. The modular approach gives our customers a choice to choose a specific module or the complete compliance programme.


We assess your current state of compliance against Regulatory requirements.


Road map to implement Regulation and cover identified gaps in the organisation.


Accountability is key, Wenso's Support service helps in this vital aspect of the regulation.


Training your staff and bring the essential cultural changes to demonstrate compliance.

Wenso Agile Methodology

Successfully delivered complex GDPR solutions with our structured approach.

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Why Us


Right Approach, Unrivalled Expertise

Wenso analyse core functional and operational challenges faced by companies to define architecture framework.

Team of experts

Wenso has extensive and widespread experience in analysing customer requirements and developing comprehensive solutions.

On Time and on Budget

Wenso consistently delivers IT projects on time and on budget. We focus on adding value to our customers' business.

Our Clients

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