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Wenso is specialized in data protection, ePrivacy, security solutions and service.

What is ePrivacy Regulation?

  • The ePrivacy legislation will be adapted to align with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (which was enforced in May 2018), while repealing the existing Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2002 (ePrivacy Directive)
  • The objective of the ePR is to build stronger privacy rules for electronic communication as well as strengthen trust and security in the Digital.

Who does it apply to?

  • Maintain confidentiality on Internet-based voice and internet-messaging services such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, iMessage, or Viber, that are often used to send/receive messages or calls
  • Request for consent before information is accessed (e.g. photos, contact lists or calendars), or stored (such as when tracking cookies are used to monitor online behaviour).

Wenso’s ePrivacy Services

  • Our consulting expertise combines various data protection-related disciplines and best practices that are suited to the requirements of individual organisations and their existing circumstances, helping them ensure their products and platforms are compliant with applicable data protection laws and privacy regulations
  • GDPR
  • ePrivacy audit

How can Wenso help in ePrivacy and Consulting?

Strengthen customers and stakeholders' confidence in your company.

Establishes trust among your customers for protection of their data.

Fosters loyalty among users of your digital poducts and services.

Helps establish transparency through compliance with an official ePrivacy seal.

Demonstrates your commitment to data protection and compliance.

Protects your company with high technical and legal standards.

The ePrivacy Directive and Regulation isn’t just about cookies.

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Wenso Agile Methodology

Successfully delivered complex GDPR solutions with our structured approach.

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