GDPR Employee Awareness Training

Wenso provides a bespoke instructor-led/online GDPR awareness and training workshops with an intent to educate employees.

In the wake of implementation of the updated version of GDPR in this year, it is important for all business entities to brush their information on the GDPR principles and practicalities well in advance of the deadline. Though it is a bit challenging, yet with the help of right training, the organizations can be we well prepared by educating its staff about the GDPR protocols and ensure that their business is in tangent with the GDPR compliance.


Wenso provides a comprehensive training with an intent to educate employees at all levels so that they can initiate their preparations for GDPR. This time-bound course is ideal for all employees across the organization to spread the understanding of GDPR from all aspects so that they can make use of this learning and be confident in accomplishing compliance.

This training course to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will train you to understand how it can be applied to your organization and what are its potential benefits and will help the business owners to emphasize the key things to consider while taking the GDPR training and compliance process.


Basics of GDPR

It is mandatory for all who are part of the business entity to know the basic principles of GDPR, and also how differs from the UK Data Protection Act and the EU Data Protection Directive.

Application of GDPR

GDPR applies directly and minimizes the level of national data protection variation for all the member states of the EU. It is equally applicable for the organizations that are working within the EU or outside the EU if they process the personal data of EU residents.


Organization must be aware of the penalties which might be levied in case of non-compliance. 4% of the global turnover or £17 million – whichever value is the greatest.


Every employee should bear the responsibility for the personal data they are working with and should understand the necessity to be compliant with the changes coming into effect.

Classified personal data

This includes everything from data on location to online users.

Who should attend?

Any employee or group who intends to widen their knowledge of the GDPR requirement. It is mandatory for the employees or group who are working for Data protection or information security role. It is also useful for those who have a limited knowledge in the field of data protection and wish to make a career in Data Protection Officers.

It is also designed for engineers / engineering company who intend to understand their accountability from any business operation that uses personal information such as Legal, Corporate governance, risk and compliance, Data security, IT services etc.


By attending this course you will be prepared to carry out a discussion around the new regulation, conform to the parameters, as well as understand the background, updated concepts, principles, terms and definitions used in the GDPR.

This course will provide you a detailed understanding of the manner in which the Regulation is going to work. This training will guide you to manage your work in compliance with the new GDPR regulation which will be implemented on 25th of this year. Besides you will also learn to do the Gap Analysis, Risk Assessment and Privacy impact.

Other benefits are the following:

  • Attain a clear understanding of the existing Data Protection legislation and its underlying principles
  • You will be educated about the updated concepts and principles and their application in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • You will know the significance of Data Protection Officer (DPO) within the organization.
  • You will learn to ascertain how the new rules around GDPR apply to your organization
  • Will Learn to work in compliance with the new governance with the GDPR requirements.

Yow will understand the basics of the new GDPR policies and will get acquainted with its contents

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