GDPR Compliance Implementation

Wenso GDPR compliance implementation focuses on specific controls.

The upcoming GDPR is going to significantly impact the organization’s Data handling regimes across the world. This new GDPR has been reformed with an intent to strengthen the privacy policies of the Data protection norms. The implementation of this policy will keep the organization’s data safe and secure and at the same time will hold the organizations accountable for Data Security. It will also ensure that all the public data are strictly protected against any misuse or theft. Furthermore, it empowers the individual citizen of European Union to keep a tab on how all the Data relevant to them are being utilized.

The policies of GDPR encompasses all the public-private entities that operate in EU who offer any kinds of goods and services; be it, customers, employees or business partners all will be equally impacted and monitored.

Wenso with its team of experts supports the organizations to provide a smooth transition from historical GDPR policies to the updated GDPR policy. Wenso can help you prepare with our free GDPR readiness assessment. Our team will do all the heavy-lifting for you: setup, configuration, and analysis of concrete steps to improve your GDPR compliance. The methodology that we follow is easy and non-intrusive with a comprehensive report as the final deliverable.

Our GDPR full Assessment will include:

Readiness Assessment Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that you are on the right track in your preparation for the new GDPR. With our right set of Data Readiness Assessment, we can help you to get a quick head start with a better quality, accuracy and integrity in your Data analysis. Our services have a range of solutions that are tailored with respect to your requirement in your onward journey of GDPR implementation.

GDPR Transformation Program With this program, we design a robust and dynamic approach to the implementation of GDPR through your organization’s processes and security controls. In a continuously changing environment of an organization, the Data plays a focal role and that is why the major challenge lies ahead for any organization is during the phase of digital transformation. Hence complying with the directives of GDPR is more like an effort made for a long-term approach that will be having a wide-ranging impact on future business operations than just a short-lived project.

Data processing Inventory Every organization maintains all their records of data assets in a Data inventory; this can be a combination of both personal and general data collection. To maintain the privacy of the records in the database inventory the organizations can typically follow the following steps:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • The Contents will be limited to description i.e. type of data and its end use
  • A data inventory template will be provided which will be in both hands written and electronic form.
  • Will periodically update the inventory by implementing internal procedures so that all are equally of any changes or new processing activities.
  • Need-based organize training for employees.

Privacy by Design The key objective of the GDPR compliance implementation is to strengthen the Data protection process at the initial stage of any project and continue it throughout the lifecycle of the project. The GDPR Privacy is Designed to protect the Data privacy for any or all business entity and the organization that wishes to comply with the GDPR norms will have to design policies, procedures and systems right from the inception of the product’s or processes’ development.

Third Party Procedure One of the most important task for the organization is to find a relevant third party resource. It is important that controllers work together with the processors and share the accountability of the actions taken, hence it is important to find a responsible processor who has a good knowledge of the Data storage and processes.

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