Typically a standard SAP system is divided into 3 important parts – Development, Quality Assurance and Production. Development is basically the most important phase where implementation work takes place, whereas testing is an integral part of Quality Assurance even before the deployment takes place which is in other words the Production stage.

SAP allows businesses to make quick and rapid changes to the business requirements of multiple industries with a common set of programs. Another most important aspect of SAP implementation is that of upgrades. SAP comes with a lot of upgrades so that the companies implementing SAP can easily and quickly upgrade to the most sophisticated and latest features and customize them to the existing SAP applications.


Wenso has been at the forefront offering a comprehensive suite of SAP services right from analysis, design, implementation and post deployment stages. We have a proven expertise in the entire lifecycle of SAP implementation processes, change management and business integration and consolidation. We use and implement accelerated SAP methodology to transform our clients’ businesses to ensure business optimization, improve efficiency and reduce the time-to-market drastically.

We offer end-to-end SAP services to our clients:

Things To Know

Predominantly an overwhelming majority of Fortune 500 companies have implemented SAP as an ERP system in their organizations. With major innovations taking place at a rapid pace, reaching new frontiers has become a cumbersome process for majority of these companies. Challenges faced by corporates around the world such as Big Data, Digital Transformation and Design Thinking have made organizations and most importantly ever growing demands of the users have culminated into innovative thought process, conceptualizing better user experience and frequent upgrades to the existing systems are some of the major factors that has kept SAP on their toes all the time.

Today, people consume more data into their brains in a single day than our ancestors did during their entire lifetime. On an average, over 100+ billion searches are done on Google, and post 30 billion pieces of information to Facebook and send 247+ billion emails every day. No wonder we are living in such a world where innovation is inextricably linked to growth. SAP is not immune to it.

Major breakthrough in application development
Talking of design thinking, this has been a major breakthrough in application development. Design Thinking has brought a revolutionary change in the way we see and use the design of the applications such as

Our Offerings

We at Wenso are strategically placed, view and dissect every single piece of information threadbare, discuss, deliberate and brainstorm all challenges our clients face every single day, document, evolve consensus and implement world class SAP solutions to our client.

We offer complete suite of SAP applications as our SAP consultants possess deep experience, expertise and are exposed to multiple industries in SAP implementation.

Our SAP offering include, but not limited to

SAP End to End Solutions We Offer

Asset Management
Supply Chain
Human Resources
Sourcing & Procurement
Besides we also offer SAP R/3 system which is more robust, tightly integrated, large scale business applications on the following

Business Applications
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