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Sales Force as a CRM came into existence nearly close to two decades. Since then Sales Force has innovated with changing times and launched numerous products that meets the growing requirements of customers and helps them offer quality services to their clients.

One of the key innovation of Sales Force is their cloud based offering. Today Sales Force offers high quality products in areas such as Sales, Marketing, Analytics and Mobile Apps. Considering leaders in Customer Relationship Management based products, Sales Force boasts of top fortune 500 companies as their clients.

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Wenso’s team of professionals are trained on Sales Force CRM implementation for a host of Sales Force including but not limited to Sales Force Automation CRM, Business Analytics, B2B Marketing Automation and Digital Marketing Platform.


Companies, irrespective of the niche, sector or domain they belong to have one single challenge, and they continue to grabble with it and that is-how to automate their sales and marketing team, how to optimize their sales department, how to consolidate their leads, how to manage their teams at different geographic locations, how to manage their business development activities with more efficiency and productivity leading to their growth.

Though the market is flooded with innumerable and high quality CRM’s, Sales Force obviously stands tall among the crowd with its latest, innovative and out of the box CRM based products. For Sales Force identified the needs of the companies and tailor made their products to suit such requirements.

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a part and parcel of overall Customer Relationship Management which includes marketing automation, workflow automation and email automation. In a nutshell, SFA manages all stages of sales process from initial customer contact to closing the deal. Effectively SFA ensures full integration among all departments.

Some other key benefits of Sales Force are-


It allows streamlining of entire sales cycle

Helps in driving higher close/won rates

Improves customer service

Ensure large volume of warm leads

This major paradigm shift in analyzing, understanding and offering right fit CRM to companies has made Sales Force the preferred choice.

Wenso, being a major IT player with office across, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand has been using Sales Force as a CRM across multiple locations is ideally suited to offer the same to our clients.


Sales Force Products

  • Sales Cloud
  • Sales Force IQ CRM
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Wave Analytics
  • Wave Apps
  • App Cloud

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