Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

Wenso offer customized services to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV to get greater control.

Microsoft, over the years has played a pivotal role in offering a wide range of products including Internet Explorer browser, various versions of Windows, MS Office and a host of other products. Microsoft also entered in the programming space by offering .NET framework, MSSQL and other related programming technologies such as SharePoint and Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI). Today with Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions, Microsoft is a force to reckon with in the ERP space.

Wenso adopts a globally recognized, time tested approach in implementing Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning to offer businesses the systems to connect and manage their entire business; this includes financial and supply chain management, manufacturing and operations so that their businesses is integrated seamlessly and take informed decisions.

We offer end-to-end Microsoft ERP suite including but not limited to Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics POS, MS Business Intelligence, and SharePoint. We also offer building robust applications, portals using .NET framework technologies

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Wenso’s Microsoft ERP services enable you make smart decisions quickly, Transform business faster and grow at a rapid pace. We offer customized services to small and medium level companies to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV to get greater control over their financials and simplify their supply chain, manufacturing and operations.

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In the ever changing dynamics of the businesses where customers are no longer willing to wait for years for returns on their investment made today, more so in the ERP space wherein it takes a much longer time for implementation, it has become imperative for the solution providers to find ways and means on how best they can offer ERP solutions quickly and easily so that the companies can reduce time to market and reach out to the customers offering their services and products.

In such a rapidly changing IT scenario, companies are vying to create value to the customers from the start and with the ERP implementation in several stages. This is perhaps the greatest paradigm shift ERP vendors are considering.

In continuation of the same, there are also a few recommendations noteworthy taking during the implementation stage-

Few Recommendations

Cloud strategy is an excellent option

Ability to focus on value and readiness to change in line with the requirements

Always have a plan B in place in the event of challenges so that business continuity is not affected

Flexibility in managing master database

Follow a methodical approach in ERP investment

Lastly select a needs-driven ERP strategy to allow you to focus more on key areas, reduce costs and reach market quickly


Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions.

Microsoft ERP Solutions.

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