Our Approach

In today’s demanding business environment which prioritizes flexibility, speed, and efficiency, a robust IT strategy is critical. Wenso’s enterprise solutions help companies create distinctive capabilities, simplify complex processes and establish a unique formula for success. By leveraging the full scope of ERP applications, Wenso enables organizations to become more innovative and efficient. With high end experience, expertise and exposure, our customers are fast tracked to realizing efficiency gains and delivering new business value.


Project Preparation Step

  1. Staffing and Detailed Planning
  2. Kick-off meeting
  3. Installation
  4. Initial Training


Defination Step

  1. Detailed requirements defination
  2. Functional Design
  3. Data Migration Strategy
  4. Interface Defination & Design


Iterative Prototyping Step

  1. Configuration Customization
  2. Technical Interface Design
  3. Development Interfaces, Data-Migration Programs and Non-standard functional Development
  4. Unit Testing


Final Preparation Step

  1. Integrated Testing
  2. Data Migration
  3. End-User Training


Go Live and Adjustments Step

  1. Go Live
  2. Adjustments
  3. support incidences solving

Technology Expertise



Wenso's SAP allows businesses to make quick and rapid changes to the business requirements of multiple industries with a common set of programs.



We at Wenso offer the comprehensive suite of Oracle Products, Solutions to our clients.



Wenso R&D team of experts possess enormous experience in multiple industry sectors in identifying and recommending right fit ERP solutions within the budget and timelines.



Wenso, being a major IT player with office across, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand has been using Sales Force as a CRM across multiple locations is ideally suited to offer the same to our clients.

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