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Fixed Pricing Model

The fixed pricing model is the best suited model when the scope of the project is defined, analysed, documented and signed-off between us and our customers. By this model, the team of consultants expected to work on the project will have a very clear defined strategy and the road map for the implementation of the project. The customer will have a clear idea of the cost and time reducing the risk to a negligible level.

How it Works?

There are 3 key elements of this model, i.e. Fixed Price, Fixed Time and Fixed Scope.

When we freeze the price, time and the scope of work there will be peace between both the parties in terms of expectations, however we will make sure our customer is in the pipeline for every sprint we release so that they are happy with the solution that is been delivered.

What are the benefits for you?

  • You don’t have to worry about paying the consultants on hourly or number of days worked.
  • You will have clear understanding about the costing of the project
  • The consultants will have crystal clear understanding the scope of work and timeline available; hence project planning becomes easier that will help you track the development.
  • Ease of communication between us and the customer is established when objectives and goals are clearly defined.

Time & Material Model

What is time and material model?

This model is basically similar to fixed price model in terms of Wenso’s commitment and responsibility of the project delivery but the pricing is based on the Time taken and the number of resources used to deliver the project. We have 3 different pricing structure for this model i.e. Onshore – Onsite, Onshore- Offsite and Offshore – Offsite model (Please refer to the Rates section in below pages). The customers can select any model based on their budget and the requirements.

How it Works?

Once the project is initiated then agreed number of resources will be deployed on the project and their daily/weekly progress is submitted to the customer.

The project is managed at our end and we make sure every sprint/iteration is delivered as per agreed plan.

What are the benefits for you?

  • You will only be paying for the hours/days our consultants work for your project.
  • We can scale up the resources to as many as 200 if required with in short span of time.
  • If the project finishes earlier than the planned schedule the cost of the project will be reduced.
  • You do not need to go through the full recruitment process resulting in saving lot of money i.e by avoiding payments to recruitment agencies and the recruitment process.

Consultants Resourcing Model

We have introduced this model to facilitate our clients with technical and project management resources to meet their immediate, short term or long term technical requirements. These consultants would be at your disposal and you can use them in any of the projects. We have 3 different pricing structures for this model i.e. onshore – Onsite, Onshore- Offsite and Offshore – Offsite model (Please refer to the Rates section in below pages). The customers can select any model based on their budget and the requirements and we will provide the consultants of their choice and required skill level.

How this works?

You need to inform us the required skill level & experience of the technical resource and we will source you the candidate from our pool of consultants.

What are the benefits for you?

  • You do not have to go through the entire cycle of hiring the consultants like sourcing, interviewing, liaising with the recruitment agencies spending your quality time, effort, energy and money.
  • We offer end-to-end skilled IT resources consistently in consonance with your specific requirements, wherein deployed resources will get going right from the word GO.
  • You will save lot of money that you pay to the recruitment agencies and save recruitment cost and your valuable time.

Why consultants resourcing model?

  • Outsourcing of IT Manpower is a best way to achieve strategic goals, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and provide other efficiency and effectiveness improvements.
  • Outsourcing helps you overcome the problem of severe shortage of skilled resources and constantly changing skill requirements.
  • We address wide-ranging skill requirements at different levels and provide them at short notice.
  • You SAVE enormous amount of time and money, which is extremely crucial in executing projects on time and within the budget allotted.

Onshore – OnSite Model

In this model, all our Consultants will work from the customer site, meaning the Consultants will be at your location and you can closely monitor.

Onshore – OffSite Model

In this model, our Consultants will work from our offices in UK. Though they work remotely their progress is submitted to you on daily/weekly basis as agreed.

Model Benefit: This model will cost you 25% less than the Onshore – OnSite Model

Offshore – OffSite Model

In this model, our Consultants will be working from our offices in India, US and Brazil, their daily/weekly progress will be submitted as agreed. Your data is protected and all our consultants will be working on machines based in EU that will comply with data protection act. The quality produced will be the same as above models.

Model Benefit: This model will cost you 40% less than the Onshore – OffSite Model

How you will BENEFIT from our High Valued Services?

  • Reduction of significant operational costs.
  • Access to world-class professional, expert and high-quality resources.
  • Saving time, effort, manpower, operating costs and training costs amongst others.
  • Reduction of HR overhead costs through outsourcing.
  • Hire quality resources on the fly improving your efficiency and productivity.
  • Remain competitive by implementing cost effective quality projects on time.

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