As a responsible IT company, Wenso takes good governance, ethical conduct and social responsibility very seriously. We do business in the best possible ways so as to create an impact on social, environment ecosystem thereby contributing to the wellbeing of the society in our own small way.

Wenso has made Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR as an integral part of our activities. We work closely with numerous NGO’s and have been at the forefront of educating orphaned and disadvantaged children.

Wenso is committed to the requirements of the communities across the globe. The efforts made in this direction are further enhanced by our network of partners in government bodies and non-profit organizations. We intend to work for the society at large by contributing positively on a global scale by making use of our skills and technology.

We value integrity and transparency and feel accountable to Our Clients and customers who lay their trust in us.

Corporate Social responsibility implies companies contributing to establishing sustainability, responsibility and social welfare in its corporate policies. Wenso is constantly engaged in creating a sustainable impact.

Making way for development through sophisticated technologies and solutions, for the improvement in lifestyles, conservation of limited resources, and giving quality life to the less privileged; Wenso works ceaselessly towards creating a synergic effect.

More than a government mandate Corporate social responsibility means a practice which is an essential part of our everyday life. We strongly believe in our corporate philosophy of Kyosei, which implies making efforts to develop a society in which people enjoy equal rights, irrespective of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together for the mutual good into the future.

The technology sector can succeed by working parallelly on the online platforms and services from material technology such as hardware and physical devices and by greater societal contributions beyond those of profit.

At present most of the companies along with doing commercial business recognizes its accountability to the society. It is mindful of the fact that no business can thrive without the contribution of the society, hence it is their prerogative to support the society in return.

We promote our commitment towards building a better society to our employees and stakeholders who have been meticulously working, as a team.

Our perception towards CSR in not limited only till charity but extends more than that. For us, it means creating self-sustaining communities that we can nurture for a long period of time.

Some of the salient features of our CSR initiatives are:

As a technology focussed company, we build technology oriented products that will help the society in many ways

We participate in social awareness programs and disseminate quality information on serious health issues related smoking, alcohol and drugs

We offer cost effective solutions to our clients who desire to build technology driven applications that largely help our society

Partnering Government and Non-Government organization and clients in championing the cause of under privileged children in education and healthcare sectors

We implement all environment friendly practices in our offices across UK, USA, Australia, India and UAE and make sure our employees are environment conscious

This, in our own way, a small contribution that Wenso makes towards our society.

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