We at Wenso understand the importance of quality in any software, hence we leverage our best offshore automation service using QTP to improve the quality for our client's project. Our deep expertise in QTP and QTP certified engineers help to generate powerful automation test cases and scripts in QTP.

At Wenso we have a Certified and qualified Expert team in QTP, with average experience of 6+ years, who will help you to automate your application using QTP. Using proper Framework, shared Object Repository, Descriptive Programming, Automation Object Model, and other advanced techniques, they automate your applications and assure you to get a better ROI. Wenso’s Solution Oriented Automation Testing Model – [SOAT] using QTP includes team of automation test specialists who help you select the suitable automation framework for you. Selection of the framework will depend on the nature of the product and stage of Automated Test Development. With SOAT Model we work on 4 types of frameworks and sometimes a best of breed of these 4 frameworks as per the needs to the client.

  • 100 percent test coverage
  • To cope up with new/modified requirements
  • Re-use of existing test scripts/packs
  • Prepare and maintain test environments
  • Object-driven testing
  • Think from all user perspective
  • Complete test execution before deadline
  • Developing custom tensions
  • Missed defects and less time for application delivery

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QTP cannot recognize objects running on remote machines hence, it is not possible for QTP to automate applications running on remote machines. QTP cannot automate applications invoked through Citrix. The possible workaround is install QTP on the Citrix server and then launching QTP and the application might help.
QTP supports only one scripting language which is VBScript which has several limitations. Had there been a choice of language to automate just like it is in Selenium, it would have been very useful QTP performance degrades if the Object repository size is quite huge. It takes time to open a test with huge QTP object repository. Same goes for QTP Actions. Using too many actions in QTP decreases QTP’s performance QTP supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and now Google Chrome. However, support for Firefox and Chrome is still limited and only possible in QTP 11


Wenso’s Automation Testing Center of excellence [WCEO]

HP-UFT is the industry-standard automated software testing solution, with proven capabilities for meeting the challenges of today’s agile, modern application teams. HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) enables functional tests to be carried out automatically to increase the speed and cost effectiveness of application development and delivery. After an initial investment of effort to record and configure a script, the script can be run multiple times to verify the functionality of an application under test. This can yield considerable savings in time and money over manual testing. Our QTP team performs UFT tests for regression testing for large applications with regular release cycles. For large applications with regular release cycles, a set of UFT tests can be created for regression testing which save time in delivering applications with high quality.
Modelers enable definition of business processes and validation rules by the testers in a graphical format or in an English-like language to address migration concerns and reduce the test cycle. Script generators create test scripts at the click of a button, reducing effort by 50%–70%. Test document generators generate readable test documentation, reducing effort by about 60%.
Libraries enable the reuse of functions, test scenarios, and collections of user actions, which result in reduced effort Adapters enable test automation for specific technology platforms and products like SAP, Retek and SOA.

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