Top 8 Big Data Skills That Are High In Demand


Big Data has taken a lead in the IT industry and has played a significant role in the business growth and decision making processes to give you an edge over the competitors. This is equally applicable to the organizations as well as professionals existing in the analytics domain. Big Data analytics, bring an ocean of opportunities for the professionals, who are skilled in it.



There is an escalating demand for analytics professionals especially from the people sitting at senior executive positions, has stressed the significance of analytics professionals by stating that “Data is useless without the skill to analyze it.” There are plenty of job opportunities in Big Data Management and Analytics as compared to last year and many IT professionals are preparing themselves to invest their time and money for the training.

If you make a quick search for Big Data on the internet you will get a flood of information and the abundant jobs associated with this skill sets. Job positions such as Big Data Developer, Hadoop Developer, Big Data engineer and Data Analytics engineer all look for Big data skill sets.

The Top 8 Big Data Skills that are high in Demand are the following:

Apache Hadoop
“Apache Hadoop”, this technology similar to big data is almost a decade old however its demand for Hadoop professionals does not seem to diminish soon. More so because Hadoop had a monstrous year in 2017 and is positioned for even bigger 2018 with the Hadoop community. It is a powerful big database and can even turn out to be cumbersome if not handled by skilled professionals.

Apache Spark
Apache Spark is the most in demand and holds a broad familiarity with the big data space creating high energy levels around its adoption and deployment given to its superfast analysis and processing. It is apparently one of the fastest growing big data skills for job seekers across the globe.

NoSQL Database
Mostly the data are unstructured in form and handling these unstructured data requires NoSQL database professionals.

Data Science and Analytics
Data science technologies have made a great impact on the country’s economy with the tech and finance industry embracing these skills faster than others. The demand for data science and analytic skills is expected to grow by 15% in the next 5 years as a result data scientists and advanced analysts jobs have become the fastest growing job roles that are projected to see demand spike by 28%.

Data Visualization
The demand for data visualization skills has grown up so rapidly in the last 5 years that demand for experts skilled professionals in this area is making the most of it of this opportunity by getting best job opportunities.

Data Visualization helps to understand the business needs and the interpretations from the datasets and makes easier for non-analysts and the stakeholders to understand the model to make decisions based on it.

R, SAS, Matlab
Big Data jobs essentially require knowledge of statistical and quantitative analysis.

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