Big Data has simplified the process of handling a huge amount of Data in a very easy way. In any business process data plays a  vital role; these data are loaded with the wealth of information on which the success of any business depends. Big Data helps in drawing useful insights from these data to make wise business decisions.

Data streaming in from billions of sources can provide predictive insights into customers, business risks and operational efficiencies. But how can you cost-effectively analyze data from information silos and securely share analytics across your enterprise?

Wenso’s Big Data as a Service is helping businesses store, analyze, and protect their data; transforming their opportunity to understand customer behavior, optimize operations, manage risk, and enable innovation

Our Technology Expertise Umbrella Includes

Big Data Development Services are at the fulcrum of any pioneering company that has a vision of Digital Reimagination. Wenso helps its customers essentially in reimagining their businesses by the application of modern Big Data systems.

In the present scenario, all businesses are heading towards innovative ways to utilize the data assets across its enterprise perimeter to facilitate the business growth, expand profitability and accelerate competitive distinction.

In the world of Technology, Big Data as a service has already made its presence felt which is apparent especially in the IT industry. It is all about dealing with substantial volume (in terabytes) of both, structured and unstructured, data which is huge to process, using the conventional database and software systems. Typically, the data (text, images, videos, documents) used in firms are huge to handle.

The Big data technology empowers these firms to expedite and upscale their operations for making quick and wiser decisions. How an organization makes use of the data is what matters. Big data can be analyzed for insights resulting in better decisions and strategic business viewpoints.

The unceasingly growing quantity of information that is being created and stored, and the analysis use of this data plays a vital role in making important business decisions, it particularly refers to applying insights gathered from this analysis to drive business growth.

The Big Data Experts offers services to deliver statistical analysis tools or information by a third party that helps companies to understand and makes use of insights gained from big data.

The clients of Wenso gets advanced Big Data and Analytics solutions, to infer quick data insights on operations, customers, and products. The Big Data Expert provides Dashboards, with predictive analytics, Master database and much more depending on the customer’s requirement.

Wenso offers plenty of technologies, and each of these segments is highly competitive in nature. To pick the best option without the help of Big Data can prove to be a risky affair.

Things To Know

It is estimated that every day from all around the world including environment, banks, social media websites, images and videos over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created. And 90% of this data is created in the last 2 years alone.

Definitely give rise to the Challenge

Uncertainty of the Data Management LandscapeThe Big Data Talent GapGetting Data into the Big Data PlatformSynchronization Across the Data Sources
There are many competing technologies, and within each technical area there are numerous rivals. Our first challenge is making the best choices while not introducing additional unknowns and risk to big data adoption.

The excitement around big data applications seems to imply that there is a broad community of experts available to help in implementation. However, this is not yet the case, and the talent gap poses another challenge.

The scale and variety of data to be absorbed into a big data environment can overwhelm the unprepared data practitioner, making data accessibility and integration a challenge.

As more data sets, diverse sources are incorporated into an analytical platform the potential for time lags to impact data currency and consistency becomes our challenge.

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Wenso’s Big data Platform as a Service

Wenso provides advanced Big Data and Analytics solutions, to rapidly provide insights on operations, customers and products. We support predictive analytics, real-time dashboards, master data management and more.

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